Data Sharing

The Sommer lab is willing to share raw data from the publications below, funded by the grants indicated. The data are provided publicly via links to folders on Duke Box. To request shared access with permission to download, please contact Dr. Sommer (

1. Funded by NSF BCS 1539687, “The Role of Frontal Cortex in Primate Metacognition” , PI Marc Sommer, Co-PI Jeff Beck.

The goal of the project was to establish how primates plan to make future decisions, a cognitive function known as metacognitive control. The research quantified the metacognitive capabilities of primates, the neural mechanisms involved, and the computational basis of the operations. Data for both papers available here.

  • Abzug, Z. M., & Sommer, M. A. (2018a). Neuronal correlates of serial decision-making in the supplementary eye field. Journal of Neuroscience, 38(33), 7280-7292.
  • Abzug, Z. M., & Sommer, M. A. (2018b). Serial decision-making in monkeys during an oculomotor task. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition, 44(1), 95.

2. Funded by the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences 2020 Incubator Award, “A Unified Computational Framework for Categorical Perception across Vision and Language” , PIs Marc Sommer, John Pearson, and Elika Bergelson.

The goal of the project was to establish the perceptual models used by the brain for active vision and phoneme discrimination. A dual psychophysics-modeling approach in humans and monkeys tested the hypothesis that Bayesian models and discriminative models trade off depending on task context. Analysis code and the current version of the manuscript are on GitHub here. Data used by the code for the manuscript are available here.

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