Lab Members


Marc A. Sommer

Marc A. Sommer

Professor of Biomedical Engineering



Michael Koval

Michael Koval

Postdoc in neurophysiology and clinical psychology

Vincent Prevosto

Vincent Prevosto

Postdoc in Physiology and anatomy of cerebellar loops

Graduate Students

Zachary Abzug

Zachary Abzug

Graduate Student in Biomedical Engineering

Melina Smith

Melina Smith

Graduate Student in Biomedical Engineering

Divya Subramanian

Divya Subramanian

Rotating Graduate Student (Neurobiology)

List of Alumni

PHD Alumni

Hrishikesh Rao (PhD 2016) Technical Scientist @ MIT Lincoln Labs

Ramanujan Raghavan (PhD 2016) Post-Doctoral researcher @ NYU

J. Patrick Mayo (PhD 2011) Post-Doctoral Researcher @ Harvard

Paul Middlebrooks (PhD 2011) Post-Doctoral Researcher @ Vanderbilt

SooYoon Shin (PhD 2011) Post-Doctoral Scholar @ UCSF

Trinity Crapse (PhD 2011) Post-Doctoral Researcher @ UCLA

Undergraduate Alumni

Cassie Kozyrkov (Statistician II @ Google)

Juan San Juan (Med Student @ University of Michigan)

Jennifer Villa (Intern @ Intel Corp)

Frank Petraglia (Med Student @ Duke)

Radu Daire (Grad Student @ Brown University)

Amit Vora (Associate @ The Parthenon Group)

Cole Arora (Gap Year)

Frank Lee (Program Manager, Analytics and Presentation @ Microsoft)

Fred Shen (MD/PhD @ University of Michigan)

Jessica Cao (Sales Consultant @ Oracle)

Kimi Rafie (Clinical Quality Engineer @ Texas Children’s Hospital)

Brian Kohen (International Global Medicine MD program in Be’er Sheva, Israel, run jointly with Columbia University)

Juwan Hong

Kenneth Padilla 

Erinn Grigsby (BME PhD @ UPitt with Aaron Batista)